The very last stage of our design process involves incorporating decor into your space. From hanging artwork to styling shelves, this integral stage creates that curated look that really elevates a home. Oftentimes our clients ask us how we’re able to pull it all together and what our tips are for styling. While we always start with a plan and an inventory of decor, we admit there is a bit of trial and error to styling. What looked good on paper, or in our heads, may not translate well into the finished product. You too should give yourself grace when styling a room! Try to have fun with the process and keep swapping out decor pieces until it is visually pleasing to your eye. To get you started in the right direction, I’m sharing a few things I always keep in mind that help me create that curated and timeless design.

Keep Your Palette Simple

The photo below is from one of our most recent projects where we renovated a client’s master bedroom. We incorporated this beautiful bookcase unit with baskets so that our client would have extra storage space, but also be an artistic focal point of the room. By keeping our palette simple, and only furnishing with decor in three different colors, we created a cohesive look. Vases, wood chains, and decorative objects in black, white, and shades of brown were paired together with a few pops of gold throughout. Not only is it easier to style when you keep your palette simple, it is easier to shop! Focusing on pieces in three different colors eliminates a lot of the other items on a store shelf. You’ll notice at Kardinia Home that most all of our pieces work together, as they’re either in similar colors or tones.

When In Doubt, Add Greenery

If you’ve followed along any of our styling sessions, you’ve probably noticed a common theme: adding fresh greens! We always make a quick stop at Trader Joe’s before any installation to purchase a few bunches of Eucalyptus. Not only are they so versatile – they can stand tall in a narrow vase or overhang the edge of an open planter – they also smell amazing. Other greenery recommendations are Olive branches, and of course, green Hydrangeas which are my favorite. Remember, any greenery adds texture to a shelf and just the right pop of color to add to your simple palette!

Cluster Decor in Threes

Chances are you’ve heard that objects look better in odd numbers. For instance when you’re gardening, it is suggested to plant your flowers in odd quantities by row. The same stands true for shelf styling. Going back to our master bedroom installation you’ll see we placed decor in groupings of three on multiple shelves. Not only is this appeasing to the eye, it usually allows for “breathing room” on the shelf. Not every inch of a shelf needs to include furnishings – in fact, the decor makes more of an impact when the eye has time to rest in between pieces or clusters. When grouping objects, try to choose objects of three different heights. On the top shelf of the picture below we utilized two vases and one photo across the entire shelf.

If you’re looking for just the right decor for your shelf – or anywhere in your home – we’d love for you to shop Kardinia Home. Our curated collections make it easy to choose pieces that you not only will love, but will also create that timeless, bespoke look.


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