Our Services & Event Rentals

Our Services & Event Rentals


Our studio, located in the heart of Winter Park, is available for evening and weekend rentals!  We open our doors for baby and bridal showers, seasonal gatherings, and so much more.  Simply review our event contract, choose a date and time that works for you, and process your payment online.
Our studio can hold approximately 25+ attendees.  Most of the commonly asked questions such as food and beverage, furniture, etc... are answered on our event contract here.
Book our studio here.


Our studio serves as the perfect backdrop for a product photo session or brand shoot.
Book the studio for a photo or branding session here


From paint colors to textiles and furniture selection, our design team will assist in helping you pull together a gorgeous space. Whether you are walking through a full-remodel or smaller scale project, the Kardinia team can help guide you through decisions and choices in person.
Book a Studio Session here.


Growing an interior design business is a lot of work!  From sourcing new vendors to managing operations, wouldn't it be great to learn from someone who has already been through it?  Kardinia's Designer Sessions are meant for just this!  Discuss with Bessie all her tried and true processes for scaling a business and managing the growth.  She'll help you through decisions on everything from finances to branding and customer interaction to business development.  The floor is yours to ask all your questions and get the help you need to grow!
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